The proposal writer is an engineering and operations program that the engineers fill out first as a proposal to the customer.  Once the bid is accepted and proposal is updated with depths / volumes / adds once the well has reached TD.  Once approval is given the program is then picked up by operations all the values from the engineering part carry over to the operations.   

The engineering program is set up to be easy enough so that operational personnel can use it.  All values are automatically calculated and presented in a clear and easy to interpret manor.  The application is flexible enough to be tailored to your companies needs.  Below is a pdf example of a primary two slurry job.  Contact us on the contact form for more information.

Primary Job example vers 1.23

Below is a PowerPoint presentation using the engineering part of the application, a link to an instructional video will be added in the future.

DV tool ( 2 stage job): The flow of entering data is almost identical to the primary job, below is a print out of a made up job (slurry, additives etc are not real). Also included for download is a PowerPoint presentation for the engineering part of a DV tool proposal.


The PowerPoint presentation for DV Tools set up in the proposal writer:

Plug Jobs: Below are a print out of a plug job as well as a PowerPoint presentation on how to use the app for plug jobs.